Specifying a Database to Receive the Document

Specifying a Specific Database to Receive the Document

IMPORTANT: Care must be taken to visually verify that the intended database is active, and to change it if necessary when performing manual filing tasks with Print to Image-Master. If this feature is used, users can no longer assume that the Print to Image-Master database will always be the default or the last database that was manually selected.

Use the DB= optional command parameter to specify that the document should be filed in a specific Image-Master database:

            ~0% Var0 "DB=database name,a~fieldname1=/value1~fieldname2=/value2" ?

Characters in bold type should be interpreted literally and must appear as indicated.

database name - The short name of the Image-Master database that will be selected prior to the document being filed. The short name equals the first part of the filename (up to, but not including the SC or CF characters) of the Image-Master database. An explicit path can be prepended to the database name if desired (path names cannot contain spaces, use the hashed version for such paths). If a path is not specified, the Image-Master network home directory will be assumed.

a - Autosave flag. Required. uppercase Y or uppercase N

Y = All required fields are present, file the document as indicated without user intervention.

N = Fill-in the index information passed, then display the filing screen.

fieldname1, fieldname2, etc. - The name of the index field in the Image-Master database that will be assigned the corresponding value.

value1, value2, etc. - The information that will be assigned to the corresponding fieldname. Quotation marks are not permitted.

To specify a character value, prefix the value with a slash "/".

NOTE: Using the DB= parameter changes the database selected for the session. Subsequent Print to Image-Master operations will target the same database unless changed by the user or another DB= parameter.

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