Using Print to Image-Master

To activate Print to Image-Master, print the desired content from the application to the Image-Master printer. For most Windows based applications, this can be accomplished by choosing File>Print... from the application’s menu.

For example, from Internet Explorer:

  1. Select File>Print...

  2. If the Image-Master printer object is not the default printer, select it from the drop-down list.

  1. Click [OK].

NOTE: After a brief time, the application will finish sending all of the pages to the Windows print spooler.

After the document has been spooled, the Image-Master printer object will create the page images and bring up the Data Entry window:

The Data Entry window is used to enter index field values for filing the document.

[Change Database] - Selects a different database in which to file the document.
[Save] - Files the document in the database.
[View Document] - Displays the unsaved document as it will appear once it is filed in the database.
[Close] - Deletes the unsaved document without adding it.

A confirmation prompt will appear before closing the unsaved document.

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