Accessing the Scanning Module


  1. Login to the system - Refer to Starting Image-Master.

  2. The Master Control window opens.

  3. Click the [Scanning Module] button.

  1. Select the desired image database from the File list box by double clicking on it, or highlight it and click on [Select].


  1. The Image-Master Scanning Module main window opens.

Scanning Module Options

NOTE: For the sake of illustration, the previous graphic shows all of the buttons active; however, the availability of command buttons will change during the scanning process, based upon those operations which are valid for the state that the Scanning Module is in.

[Data Entry] - The window that is used to enter index field values for creating and retrieving scan sets.

[Insert Pages] - Adds into previously saved scan set.

[Replace Pages] - Replaces pages in a previously saved scan set.

[Erase Page] - Erases page or pages in saved/unsaved scan sets.

[Clear Index Info] - Resets all index values in the Data Entry window to their default or empty state.

[Add Reference] - Creates a new record for an existing scan set.

[Scan] - Starts the scanning process.

[Done] - Files an unsaved scan set into the image database.

[Search] - Searches for previously saved scan sets.

[View Document] - Views the unsaved scan set in progress or the scan set located as a result of a search.

[Image Control] - Adjusts scanner settings.

[Close] - Exits the Scanning Module

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