Basic Document Scanning


  1. Assemble all documents.

  2. Enter the index values needed in the Data Entry dialog box.

NOTE: Index field values can be entered before or after scanning. These are the values used to define and identify the scan set and will be used to retrieve scanned documents.

  1. Click the [Scan] button.

  2. The Start Scanning dialog box opens.

  1. Select the Desired Scan Mode:

Use Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) - Check this box to use the automatic document feeder on the scanner if it is equipped. On scanners with both an ADF and a flatbed, uncheck this box to use the flatbed.

Multi-Page Scanning Mode - Check this box to scan all the pages in the ADF without stopping between pages. When the ADF is completely empty, scanning will stop. If this box is unchecked then only one physical page will be scanned. This option is not available when scanning from the flatbed (scanning from the flatbed implies single page mode).

Fully Automated Scanning - Check this box to operate in unattended scanning mode. You must use bar code or patch code pages to separate document sets and you must utilize some form of automatic index entry generation before choosing this option. Refer to the Advanced Scanning Features section for more information.

NOTE: If the entire document set contains more pages than will fit in the ADF at one time, place only as many pages as the scanner manufacturer recommends.

  1. Place the pages to be scanned into the ADF or place the first page of the document set to be scanned on the flatbed.

  2. Click [OK] to start scanning.

  3. When scanning ends, the Viewer automatically appears and displays the scanned images. Use the viewer features to zoom in and look more closely at images as required. For additional information on using the FullView Professional program, refer to the Viewing the Contents of a Scan Set or you can refer to the FullView introduction.

NOTE: If the image is not of the desired quality, refer to the Using Image Control to Adjust Scanner Settings for more information.

  1. When finished viewing the scanned images, click on the Image-Master window or press [Alt Tab] to return control to Image-Master.

NOTE: The scanned images will remain open in the viewer until they are saved or discarded. You may switch between the viewer and the scanning control software at any time during the scanning process to check the quality and orientation of the scanned images.

  • The dialog box that appears next depends upon the chosen scanning mode.

  • If you are scanning in Multi-Page Scanning Mode, the Scan Set Status dialog box will open.

[Save Scan Set] - Adds the images to the current unfiled scan set.

[Discard] - Discards the images in the current batch.

  • If you are scanning in Single Page mode, the Scan Status dialog box will open.

[Save] - Adds the image to the current unfiled scan set. Continues the scanning process.

[Rescan] - Discards the image and continues the scanning process.

[Discard] - Discards the image and halts the scanning process. Control returns to the Scanning Module main window.

  1. If the scanning process continues, Image-Master requests the next page to be scanned. Choose [Scan] to scan the next page or [Done] if there are no additional pages to be scanned.

  2. Once you have finished scanning documents, you will be returned to the Scanning Module main window.

  • If you have accepted any images, you have an unsaved scan set. A Scan Set Stats box will appear.

  • The status box displays the number of pages in the scan set and the remaining disk space that is available on the drive where new scan sets are being stored.

  1. If you have not already done so, complete any remaining index fields as needed.

  2. Click the [Done] button. The Inquiry dialog box appears.

  • [Yes] - Moves the images to the correct image storage location and creates a new record in the image database which points to these images using the index values provided.

  • [No] - Abandons the save request but retains the scanned images as the current unsaved scan set.

  • [Discard Scan Set] - Abandons the save request and deletes the images in the current unsaved scan set.

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