Scanning: End of Document Processing


As of version 7.4, End of Document Processing has been redesigned and new control options have been added.

  • The Patch Code Recognition section has been redesigned to clearly show which processing option will be used for each recognized Patch Code. Patch Code Control options from two separate screens have been unified in this dialog box.

  • The Feeder Empty Ends Document option controls the end of document behavior when all of the pages have been scanned through the feeder and the final page does not contain an explicit End of Document marker.

    • Option Checked - The last page scanned in Fully Automated scanning mode will contain an implicit End of Document marker and the document will be closed and saved.

    • Option Unchecked - The last page scanned in Fully Automated scanning mode will be treated as an interior page of the document. Control will be returned to the scanning operator with the document in progress scanned as in Assisted Mode.

NOTE: If the scanner feeder is reloaded and Fully Automated scanning chosen, pages will continue to be appended to the document until the next end of document marker is reached.

  • This option can be changed by the scanning operator during the scanning session and is saved within the database configuration. The saved setting will be restored with the other scanner settings when the module is invoked.

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