Inserting Pages into an Existing Scan Set

Inserting Pages Procedure

  1. Retrieve the scan set.

  2. Scan the new images.

  3. Click the [Insert Pages] button.

  4. The Inserting Pages dialog box opens.

  • Pages in File - The number of pages in the previously filed scan set.

  • Pages in Scan Set - The number of pages in the unfiled scan set.

  • Insert scan set into file after page # - The page number in the filed scan set after which the unfiled scan set will be inserted.

  • [Insert] - Executes the Insert command.

  • [Cancel] - Abandons the Inserting Pages process.

  1. Type in the page number in the filed scan set that precedes the desired insertion point, then press [Tab]. The [Insert] button is enabled.

Example: If the current file had 40 pages and the new group of pages should go in after page 21, then type 21. The unfiled scan set will start at page 22. The remainder of the pages from the original filed scan set will follow the last page of the unfiled scan set that was inserted.

  1. Click the [Insert] button to complete the process.

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