Modification of a Saved Scan Set


You can modify the contents of a previously saved scan set by searching for and selecting a saved scan set from the database.

Once an individual scan set is located, the following command buttons on the Scanning Module main window are enabled:

[Erase Page] - Deletes a designated page or range of pages.

[Add a Reference] - Cross references the scan set by using a different set of index criteria.

[Scan] - Starts the scanning process to add or replace pages.

[View Document] - Displays the contents of the scan set.

Procedure for Erasing Pages from a Previously Saved Scan Set

To erase a page or pages from a previously saved scan set, use the following procedure:

  1. Click on the [Erase Page] command button to open the Erasing Pages dialog box.

  • Number of pages in - The number of pages contained in the previously saved scan set.

  • Erase Pages from - to - Enter the starting and ending page of the range of pages to be deleted. If only one page is being erased, enter the desired page number in both fields.

  • Source - The [Document File] radio button will be selected.

  • [Erase] - Executes the Erase command.

  • [Cancel] - Abandons the Erasing Pages process

  1. Type the range of page numbers in the Erase Pages from-to fields.

  2. Press [Tab] to enable the [Erase] button.

  3. Click on the [Erase] button to complete the process.

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