Modifying Unsaved Scan Sets


There are three distinct procedures for modifying a scan set, depending upon the type of scan set being modified.

During the basic scanning process, modifications to an unsaved scan set may be made before it is committed to the database.

The following command buttons are enabled on the Scanning Module main window while an unfiled scan set exists:

  • [Scan] - Continues the scan process to add additional pages to the unfiled scan set.

  • [Erase Page] - Deletes a designated page or range of pages from the unsaved scan set.

  • [View Document] - Displays the contents of the unsaved scan set.

Procedure for Erasing Pages in an Unsaved Scan Set

When the [Erase Page] command button is clicked, the Erasing Pages dialog box appears.

  • Number of pages in scan set - Displays the total number of pages in the unsaved scan set.

  • Erase Pages from - to - Enter the starting and ending page of the range of pages to be deleted. If only one page is being erased, enter the desired page number in both fields.

  • Source - The Unfiled Scan Set radio button will be selected.

  • [Erase] - Executes the Erase command.

  • [Cancel] - Abandons the Erasing Pages process.

  1. To erase a page or pages from an unsaved scan set, type the range of page numbers in the Erase Pages from-to fields.

  2. Press [Tab]. The [Erase] button is enabled.

  3. Click the [Erase] button to complete the process.

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