Saving an Unfiled Scan Set with a Filed Scan Set


When there is an open document file and an unsaved scan set, clicking the [Done] button will open the Document Set Already Exists dialog box:

  • [Re-Enter Filing Information] - Abandons the save request but retains the scanned images as the current unfiled scan set. Allows changes to be made to the index information.

  • [Save Duplicate Separately] - Adds the scan set without overwriting the existing document.

  • [Append to Existing File] - Adds the unsaved scan set to the end of the existing document file.

  • [Replace Existing File] - Overwrite the existing document file with the unsaved scan set using the existing index information.

  • [Discard Scan Set] - Erases the unsaved scan set. The existing document file is not altered.

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