Searching a Database in the Scanning Module


To perform a search in the Scanning Module, the database needs to have index fields that are designated as searchable in the Scanning Module. A double chevron (>>) appears to the left of the index field description in the Data Entry window if that index field is searchable in the Scanning Module. If there are no index fields marked with >>, then searching in the Scanning Module is disabled. For details on establishing searchable fields, refer to the Index Field Options section.


To perform a search in the Scanning Module, use the following procedure:

  1. Enter the value or values in the searchable fields in the Data Entry window. These values represent the record you want to retrieve.

  2. Click the [Search] button.

  3. The Search Mode dialog box opens.

  1. Select either [Standard] or [Extended]. For details on these two search modes, refer to the Image-Master Viewing Module Overview.

  2. If more than one scan set matches the search criteria, the Search Results window will open. Highlight the desired scan set and press [Enter].

NOTE: The Data Entry window displays the values previously saved to the selected scan set and the prompt shows the number of pages in the scan set.

  1. To view, press the [View Document] button.

Data Entry Window Results

  • Successful - If more than one scan set meets the search criteria, the status line at the bottom of the Data Entry window will read MULTIPLE. If this is indicated, then your search criteria must be more specific in order to view the document set in the Scanning Module. This restriction does not affect operations within the Viewing Module.

  • Unsuccessful - If the search is unsuccessful, the status line at the bottom of the Data Entry window will read Not Found.

Direct Reference to the Last Saved Document

  1. From the Scanning Module, click on the [Search] button. The following dialog will be displayed:

  1. Click on the [Last Saved Document] button. The last saved document will be selected as current in the Scanning Module (no search is performed in this instance).

NOTE: If the [Last Saved Document] button is unavailable (grayed out), then there is no previous document that can be selected. Only documents scanned during this scanning session from the scanning station are tracked. Once the Scanning Module is closed, the session ends and subsequent searches for the last scanned document must be accomplished using the existing Standard or Extended search options.

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