Security: User Account Maintenance

NOTE: Only users with the administrative rights to assign rights have access to this feature. All other users will see the [Security Access Control] button as ghosted/grayed out. In the following screenshot, the [Database Configuration] button is grayed out. If Image-Master is being accessed for the first time, use admin for the username and leave the password blank.

  1. Click on the [Security Access Control] button.

  • The Image-Master Access Control panel opens.

  • Account List - This list displays all user account names.
  • Username - Displays the selected user account name.
  • Password - Displays the selected user account password.
  • Access Rights - Each user can be granted or denied the ability to use Image-Master modules and functions. A check mark in the box corresponding to a function will enable its use by the selected user. The absence of a check mark disables the use of the function for this user. The module selection works the same way, with a check mark signifying entry into the module is allowed and the absence of a check mark prevents use of the module and all of its functions.

The controllable security features are:

  • Viewing Module - General access to existing scanned documents.

Activity Reports - Allows the creation and display of reports on Image-Master activity.

Edit Index - Allows indexing information for existing scanned documents to be changed.

Printing - Allows access to the document printing functions within Image-Master. Disabling this function will not prevent the printing of documents from within third-party viewers.

Document Deletion - Allows document deletion.

Document Export - Allows document export.

  • Scanning Module - General access to scan documents.

View Existing Documents - Electronic viewing of scanned documents through the Scanning Module.

  • Import/Export Module - General access to the document migration, import, and export module.
  • Database Configuration - General access to create new databases and to modify the structure of existing databases.
  • Security Access Control - General access to add, remove, and modify user accounts and to change the access rights of specific users.

The following command buttons are available:

  • [Add] - Adds a new user account.
  • [Delete] - Deletes a user account from the system.
  • [OK] - Accepts all additions, deletions, or changes.
  • [Cancel] - Discards all additions, deletions, or changes and returns to the Master Control window.

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