Security: Modifying User Accounts

  1. In the Image-Master Access Control window, highlight the user to modify.

NOTE: The selected name will appear in the Username box. Access Rights can be assigned by selecting or deselecting the appropriate check boxes.

  1. Make your desired edits to the Username, Password, and/or Access Rights fields.
  2. Refer to User Account Maintenance for details on the Access Rights options.

Exiting Image-Master Access Control

The Image-Master Access Control window remains open for additional account maintenance (additions, deletions, and modifications) until either the [OK] or [Cancel] buttons are selected.

  • Click [OK] to write all of the changes to the security database and return to the Master Control window. At this point the new security options will be in effect. Users who are already running Image-Master at the time the changes are saved will be affected immediately.
  • Click [Cancel] to discard all changes made to Image-Master security and user accounts.

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