PART 1: SQL Server Program Deployment

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IM SQL Deployment Methodology

The SQL Server data access mechanism for Image-Master is being delivered as an integrated feature enhancement to the core software. Full backwards compatibility with existing DBF based tables is provided by default which provides flexibility in deploying the SQL server features to selected workstation groups. This will allow certification testing of the new features in a production system while providing data isolation for non-participating workstations.

During the public beta stages, data will be mirrored and synchronized between SQL and DBF based tables, which should permit side-by-side use of SQL enabled and DBF enabled clients in the same system. Once functional consistency (fancy term for relatively bug free operation) has been achieved, you can elect to migrate a larger group of workstations to the SQL access method. Eventually you may choose to completely switch over to SQL exclusively, at which point the DBF based tables would not be used.

These usage decisions can be made on a Machine ID group basis, as well as an individual database basis. In other words, certain Image-Master databases can migrate to SQL while others remain as DBF tables even after the Machine ID group has been enabled for SQL access.


Download and install the latest update from the Image-Master website.

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