Batch Subsystem - Search by Range of Batch Numbers


Searching by a range of batch numbers is available under Specialized Search Conditions in the Viewing Module.

How to Use

  1. From the Viewing Module main screen, select [Special Search Conditions].
  2. The Specialized Search Conditions dialog box will be displayed.

  1. Specify the starting and ending batch numbers to include in the search results. Only those documents that have been assigned batch numbers within the range specified will be included in the resulting document list.
  2. Select [OK] to return to the main Viewing Module screen.
  3. [Optional] Further narrow the scope of the results by specifying one or more additional conditions in the Data Entry window. The resultant set of documents will only be those documents that match all of the entered criteria.
  4. Select either [Database Search] or [Extended Database Search] to perform the search. The Search Results list will be displayed containing the list of documents and batch numbers that match the specified conditions.

NOTE:  [Database Search] and [Extended Database Search] both perform the document query function, but return different results. The documents returned in the search are based on the documented differences each function has on values entered in the Data Entry window. However, both [Database Search] and [Extended Database Search] treat the options specified in the Specialized Search Conditions the same way.


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