Image-Master - Printing in the Viewing Module


When printing in the Viewing Module, you may print a selected scan set, print multiple scan sets, or print a specific page of a scan set.

Printing a Selected Scan Set

  • Click on a scan set to select it.

  • Click the [Print] command button.

  • When the Print dialog box opens, click on your desired print option.

Printing Options:

  • Print All Tagged - Prints all of the pages in all of the tagged scan sets. The number of tagged scan sets and total pages in the tagged scan sets are shown in the dialog box. This option is only available if one or more scan sets have been tagged.

  • Print Selected - Prints all of the pages in the currently selected scan set. The total number of pages in the selected scan set is shown in the dialog box.

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  • Print Document List - Prints the actual list of selected documents. It does not print the content of the documents.

  • Cancel - Abandons the print request.

Printing Multiple Scan Sets

  1. Tag the desired scan sets using the Tag Command buttons.

  2. Click the [Print] command button.

  3. When there are tagged scan sets, both the [Print All Tagged] and [Print Selected] command buttons will be available. The number of tagged scan sets, total pages in the tagged scan sets, and the total pages in the selected scan set are shown in the dialog box.

  4. Click the [Print All Tagged] command button to print all of the pages in all of the tagged scan sets.

How to Configure

There is a built-in layout for the Search Results list report that uses the same configuration as the on-screen display. The printed report will contain the same fields that appear on the screen, up to the maximum width of the paper, sorted on the first field in the list. If this is not sufficient, a custom report can be specified for each database.

To override the built-in report:

  1. Create a custom FoxPro report file for the database. Please contact technical support for more information and assistance with this step.

  2. Name the report ccccccHT.FRX (and ccccccHT.FRT) where cccccc is the first six characters of the associated database’s name.

  3. Copy the two report component files to the same directory as the associated database’s configuration file (ccccccCF.DBF) is located.

  4. The custom report will be used in place of the built-in report. To discontinue the use of the custom report, delete or rename the report files.

How to Use

  1. Start Image-Master, select the desired database, and choose [Viewing Module].

  2. Construct a search by specifying one or more conditions and/or fill-in the desired data entry fields.

  3. Press [Database Search] or [Extended Database Search] to query the database.

  4. Once the Search Results list appears, select [Print], then [Print Document List].

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