Preset List /Drop-down Editing


  • These directions were written for Image-Master version 7.
  • Drop-down preset lists can be prearranged to the last item chosen to permit more efficient scanning of identical types of documents.
  • Preset lists can also have values added "on the fly" by the scanning operator.
  • Document fields can be utilized for both open and closed preset list of values (PLV) and accept bar codes on a specific page in the document.
  • Open lists of values are properly filed under the condition when the only filing information changed is the entry of an override value.
  • New list items that duplicate existing list items are trapped on entry.
  • A warning dialog notifies the user and the duplicate is discarded without modifying the list.
  • Deleting a list item provides an option to reassign existing documents that are already filed under the list item to another item on the list.
  • [Default Sort Order] allows sorting of the entire list.


  1. Open Image-Master (The executable is typically in your IMaster folder on the network, for example F:\IMASTER\IMASTER.EXE).
  2. Log in as Admin with no password. Click on [Database Configuration].


  1. Highlight your Collection-Master database and click on the [Select] button.

  1. Click on the [Index Field Editor] button. If a message appears stating "You do not have exclusive access to the database," click [Ok] to bypass it.

NOTE: Be sure to select the field that you want to have a drop-down list. This example uses the CMT field.

  1. On the Index Fields list, highlight the CMT field and then click on the [Selected Field Options] button.
  2. A new window for Field Options for Field will appear.

NOTE: An unchecked Preset list / Drop down list configuration indicates the field does not currently have a drop-down list. If the option is checked, it indicates there is an existing drop-down list. In other words, unchecked - you can make a new list and checked - you can modify the existing list.

  1. Click on the Preset list / Drop down list configuration... label to open the List Control interface.
  2. Click on either:
    • the Internal List radio button and create your list.
      • Internal List - A preset list maintained internally within Image-Master is used for the field.
    • the Image-Master Dataset radio button.
      • Image-Master Dataset - A preset list derived from all of the values used by documents already saved in the database.
    • the External Database, Spreadsheet, or Delimited File radio button and browse for and select your desired file. The extension of the file is significant and must match the file format being used.
      • External Database, Spreadsheet, or Delimited File - A preset list maintained external to Image-Master in one of the following formats:
        • A dBase 2,3,4 or FoxPro .DBF file.
        • An Excel Spreadsheet File Format 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0 (.XLS)
        •  comma separated value (.CSV) file.

  1. Click [OK] to return to the Index Editor.
  2. Click [OK] to save your configuration.

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